Le moyen le plus simple de Cuire Délicieux Mug cake

Mug cake. Healthy Birthday Cake Mug Cake Recipe How To Make A Low Calorie Birthday Cake Mug Cake. Mug cakes are great when you're craving a fast solo sweet treat.

Mug cake A Mug Cake is easy to make , a Mug Cake is quick to bake and most important a. Try making this easy microwave mug cake with storecupboard ingredients. It's even more delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Comment le faire aussi pas dur, vous pourrait préparer Mug cake juste en utilisant 5 matériaux et 4 juste des étapes. Voici les ingrédients et comment faire, faire Mug cake Allons-y!

Ingrédients Mug cake

  1. Fournir of farine.
  2. Fournir of beurre.
  3. Fournir of sucre.
  4. Obligatoire of chocolat.
  5. Besoin of œuf.

The BEST Chocolate Mug Cake recipe out there! Seriously though, you're probably so over mug cakes and you're probably rolling your eyes at me right now but STOP! This snickerdoodle mug cake makes it easy to enjoy these simple flavors at any time of year. The batter is layered with cinnamon-sugar, assuring the cookie's signature taste is savored in every bite.

Étapes faire Mug cake

  1. Faites fondre le chocolat avec le beurre au micro-onde 40 sec.
  2. Dans le mug versée la farine, le sucre, œuf et mélangez jusqu’à obtenir un mélange homogène.
  3. Versez le chocolat fondu dans le mug.
  4. Placez une minute au micro-onde !.

This is my own version of the chocolate microwave mug cake. This chocolaty fudgy treat is truly decadent and great for nights. The mug cake is here to combat that dilemma. These Vegan Mug Cake Recipes are dairy free with no eggs and made in the microwave. Make these healthy desserts with vanilla, banana, chocolate, peanut butter and coconut flour.

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